Our Services

Barbara Grant Consulting Group specializes in working with nonprofit, public, and private sector clients to enhance their capacity sustainably, in service of their clientele and organizational missions. We believe that an organization’s mission impact, operational efficiency, and stakeholder commitment are successful when strategy is integrated, planned, and evaluated, and when the results are communicated meaningfully to stakeholders. As such, we approach our work utilizing a whole systems perspective, working with clients to clarify their goals, refine steps towards meeting them, and act efficiently at each point along the way. We partner with clients to provide services in areas such as the following:

Boards of Directors – Customized TrainingManagement and Leadership Development
Meeting and Retreat Facilitation – Strategic Organizational Analysis and Planning

Boards of Directors

Barbara Grant Consulting Group helps boards work and grow successfully. We work with boards to proactively and strategically engage with the intersecting operational, financial, program, and stakeholder considerations they are faced with, in order to promote the missions of their respective organizations.

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Customized Training

Barbara Grant Consulting Group develops and delivers customized trainings to organizations at the local, regional, national, and international level. Our trainings are designed to be engaging, interactive experiences, providing learning outcomes and materials that participants can immediately apply to their jobs. Examples of Barbara Grant Consulting Group training areas include Change Management, Constructive Engagement, Decision Making, Facilitation Skills, and Organizational Influence.

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Management and Leadership Development

At Barbara Grant Consulting Group, we believe that individuals and teams ultimately have the capacity to resolve the challenges they face. Our management and leadership development services include team training and individual coaching to enhance the mindset, skill-set, and capacity of personnel at all levels of an organization.

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Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Barbara Grant Consulting Group is a frequent designer and facilitator of meetings and retreats, for boards, executive leadership members, special committees or departments, and entire organizations. These meetings are where individuals come together to share insights and ideas, to generate new thinking, to solve problems, and to plan for the future. Barbara Grant Consulting Group is highly regarded for our effective and interactive facilitation approach. We work with clients to understand the desired outcomes of their meeting or retreat, and develop an engaging, cohesive agenda to move the meeting towards the outcomes while promoting participant investment.

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Strategic Organizational Analysis and Planning

Barbara Grant Consulting Group has a detailed understanding of the interconnected components of effective organizational analysis and strategic planning, including requirements for internal and external analysis, stakeholder engagement, visioning and prioritization activities, operational and resource consideration, and supporting communication materials. These services allow clients the opportunity to identify and leverage existing organizational expertise and resources, while setting clear priorities for forward momentum.

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