Resources for Community Stakeholders

We invite individuals and organizations to access the information on this page for use in their efforts towards serving students and families in our community.

CBOimpact_Brochure_SmallBy engaging in collective, data-driven conversations and processes, community-based organizations, school leaders, and other partners can support more effective interventions both in and out of school time, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for students.

This Innovation in Evaluation (Download Here) summary highlights a new method for assessing community-based organizations’ impact on academic results, and the positive systemic partnership opportunities from doing so.


Guidebook for Retrospective Comparison Group Analysis

RCGA BookThis guidebook (Download Here) is intended to inspire and empower organizational leaders and decision makers at community partner organizations and in school districts to work together more effectively with shared data. Community partner organizations can use this information to develop and prioritize their internal capacity for assessment. School districts can use this information to understand the key dependencies of their contributions to this type of assessment.